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Orders to Captain House



State of New-Hampshire, Exeter, September 14, 1776.

To Captain JOHN HOUSE :

Pursuant to a resolve of the Council and Assembly of this State, in consequence of a requisition of the Continental Congress, you are hereby authorized and empowered to raise a company of not less than fifty men, to march with all possible despatch (not exceeding ten days) for New-York, towards reinforcing the Continental Army there, of which you are to take the command, and have the appointment of the subaltern officers; and for their encouragement you are to inform them, that they shall receive twenty dollars down upon being mustered, and with that the bounty to be made afterwards equal to that of the Massachusetts State; and that the wages of officers and soldiers be the same, and the rations the same, as in the Continental Army, and to be two pence per mile for traveling expenses from their homes to Head-Quarters, the same to be paid at Hartford, in Connecticut State, on their arrival there; and you are to join and put your company under the command of one of the Colonels appointed to the regiments ordered from this State on the same service, to continue on duty until 1st December, unless sooner discharged.

But you are to observe this direction, not to take any of the men out of the regiments from which drafts are now making for the two regiments ordered from this State, and make return of your doings herein as soon as may be.

B˙ GYLES, Chairman of the Committee.