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Meeting of the Committee for Anne Arundel County, Maryland


At a Meeting of the Committee for Anne Arundel County and City of Annapolis, on Friday, the 23d day of December, 1774, were present thirty-two members:

Mr˙ JOHN HALL, Chairman.

The Proceedings of the Deputies of the several Counties of this Province, at their late Convention, were read, considered, and approved; and thereupon it is —

Resolved, That every member of this Committee will, and every inhabitant of this County ought, strictly and inviolably to observe and carry into execution the Association agreed on by the Continental Congress; and also the several Resolves of the said Convention.

Resolved, That it appears to this Committee, that the most expeditious and reasonable way to raise the eight hundred and sixty-six Pounds recommended by the late Provincial Convention to be raised in this County, for the purchase of Arms and Ammunition for the use of this County, will be by subscription, in which they have the firmest confidence regard will be had to the circumstances and ability of the subscribers; and therefore that subscription papers be immediately opened, payable to Messrs˙ Charles Wallace


and John Davidson, or their order, containing three columns or classes, one for subscribers of ten Pounds and upwards, one for subscribers of five Pounds and upwards, and one for subscribers of less sums; and that those subscription papers be offered for signing at publick places, as soon as may be, and afterwards offered personally to people of fortune, who may not have subscribed; that sums of twenty Shillings or under, be paid down at the time of subscription; and that a memorandum be taken of the names of those (if any such) who are requested and refuse to contribute.

Resolved, That Messrs˙ Charles Wallace, John Davidson, Thomas Harwood, Jun˙, John Dorsey, and Stephen Steward, or any two or more of them, be and they are hereby empowered to contract for the purchase of Gunpowder, to the amount of five hundred Pounds, common money, on the credit of this Committee.

Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Committee, that a meeting of this County be called on Monday, the 16th day of January next, to choose Deputies to attend on behalf of this County, at the next Provincial Convention, and to confirm the late or choose a new Committee of Observation and Correspondence for this County and City.

Ordered, That these proceedings be published in the Maryland Gazette.