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John Langdon to New-Hampshire Committee of Safety



Portsmouth, February 22, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: I have just enrolled nearly one hundred men in the Ship-Yard, and have ordered every man to attend the muster at an appointed time, with a good firearm, powder, and ball, some of which are already completely equipped; but, as there is no powder to be had, only what is in the publick stores, would submit it to the consideration of the honourable Committee, whether it would not be best to order that those men who are not supplied already, to be supplied by the publick, when occasion requires, or, if it is best, for each to appear with one half pound of powder in his horn, for which a receipt to be taken, and if it is not returned, or made use of against the enemy, to pay double of the value at this time, which I will stop out of their wages; which I think will effectually prevent waste, and put those who have no powder upon the same footing with those who have but their own ammunition. I think I may with safety serve the Colony in this matter, and not in the least interfere with the Continental business. I should be glad to have some answer from the honourable Committee relative to this matter, as I have ordered every man to be ready for mustering by such a day, and should be glad to have every man furnished.

I am, with great respect, your most obedient servant,

To the Honourable Committee of Safety of the Colony of New Hampshire.