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Vessel Sent


In Committee of Safety, March 31, 1776.

At a special meeting of the Committee at the Coffee-House,

Present: James Biddle, John Nixon, Owen Biddle, Alexander Wilcocks, George Clymer, Robert White, Joseph Reed, Thomas Wharton, Samuel Morris, Daniel Roberdeau.

Whereas Captain William Bradford and Captain Thomas Pryor report to this Board that Angus McBean made application yesterday to Nehemiah Maul for his Pilot-boat to go on board the Man-of-War, now in our bay, with assurance that he had the consent of this Committee, and that he (McBean) did guaranty said boat in the sum of one hundred and thirty Pounds in case he should be detained by the Man-of-War:

Therefore, Resolved, That Captain Thomas Houston immediately proceed down the River and remand the said Boat, McBean and Davidson, who are passengers on board, that they may answer to this Board for their conduct.