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Meeting at Marblehead, in Massachusetts


Boston, November 10, 1774.

The Town of Marblehead, at a full Meeting, on Monday, the 7th instant, unanimously made choice of a large Committee for executing the plans of the Continental and Provincial Congresses. It likewise appointed a day for choosing Militia Officers, and a Committee for each Company, to give personal warning to all on the Alarm List for the purpose mentioned. Directions were given by the


Town to the Clerk for entering on the Records such persons as should by the Province be considered and published as "Rebels against the State," and to the Constables and Collectors to pay to Henry Gardner, Esquire, moneys which they then had, or in future might have in their hands, belonging to the Province; the advertisements of the late Treasurer Gray being treated with the contempt due to one on the Rebel list. A Company and train of Artillery, will, by private subscription, be likewise provided in said Town, for defence of American freedom.

Surely the Colonies are in earnest for preserving their liberties, and a general attention to the Art Military will in a short time render them secure, notwithstanding the designs of oppressive tyranny. May military discipline, then, immediately take place throughout America.