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Proportions in which the Salt now in the possession of the Council of Safety is to be immediately sent


Resolved, That the Salt now in the possession of the Council of Safety be immediately sent to the Committees of the several Counties in the following proportions, to wit:


Philadelphia County 80 bushels, Chester 80, Bucks 80, Lancaster 100, York 80, Cumberland 80, Berks 80, Northampton 60, Bedford 60, Northumberland 60, Westmoreland 60, — more or less as the quantity in store may measure.

The City and Liberties of Philadelphia having had a greater opportunity of a supply than the Counties, are not to have any part of this quantity.

The Committees are to selI it to the people at the rate of 15s˙ per bushel, and in no greater quantity than half a bushel to any one family; they are to make as equal distribution as they can according to the necessities of the people, for which purpose they are to require a declaration of what quantity they are possessed of more than their just proportion of tills necessary article at a time of such very great scarcity of it.

Mr˙ Owen Biddle is requested to employ proper persons to send the Salt to the respective Committees, with a copy of this Resolve to each; for which service this Board will allow a reasonable compensation.