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General Orders, Northern Army



Head-Quarters, October 14, 1776.

(Parole, Waterbury.) (Countersign, Wigglesworth.)

Lieutenant Peter Hughes, of the First Battalion of Pennsylvanians, is appointed Aid-de-Camp to Major-General Gates, during the absence of Major Walter Stewart.

As every regiment and corps are well acquainted with their alarm posts, the General expects the troops will be alert in marching to support the works they are severally intended to defend. He has the utmost dependence upon the bravery and fidelity of the whole Army, and believes when called to action they will show themselves worthy of the noble cause they are engaged to defend. He returns his thanks to General Arnold, and the officers, seamen, and marines of the fleet for the gallant defence they made against the great superiority of the enemy' s force. Such magnanimous behaviour will establish the fame of the American arms throughout the globe.

Captain-Lieutenant Gibbs Jones is to take the command of the artillery upon the side of Mount Independence.

Officer of the day for Ticonderoga to-morrow, Colonel Wheelock. Brigade-Major, Ryan.

Officer of the day for Mount Independence, Colonel Wyngate. Brigade-Major, First Brigade.