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Elias Nixen, the Port-Master


Mr˙ Hobart moved, and was seconded by Mr˙ Yates, that a Committee be appointed to draw and report a Plan of an Election for a new Provincial Congress.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Scott, Mr˙ Hobart, and Mr˙ Yates, be a Committee for that purpose.

Elias Nixen, the Port-Master, at the door, was admitted. He informed the Congress that the Officer of the Port-Guard had seized and taken two servants of Governour Tryon, who came ashore in a boat, with a quantity of linen to be washed. That he had informed the Officer of the Guard that it was not contrary to the directions of this Congress for persons to come on shore from Governour Tryon' s Ship; that the Officer persisting that it was agreeable to his orders from the General, he prevailed on him to send up to the General. The Officer said the General ordered that they should not be discharged; and that the said two servants were sent to the Guard-House, and in custody.

The Port-Master further informs that his office is become useless; that the Guards have fired at several boats this day; that the General told him last night that no Provisions should go to the Governour until the occasion of his having stopped a large quantity of Flour was cleared up, and that he has seen the Governour' s two servants put into the Guard-House.