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Major Hawley, by desire of Mr˙ Ephraim Jones, Keeper of the Jail at Concord, informed the House that Josiah Jones, Jonathan Hix, and William Likely, did last night break out of said Jail, and requested the directions of the House. Whereupon,

Ordered, That Colonel Mitchell, Colonel Grout, and Colonel Barrett, be a Committee to make inquiry of Mr˙ Jones, and report what is proper to be done.

A Petition of Ivory Hovey, in behalf of three Districts in the County of Lincoln, praying that this Court would appoint (or give said Districts liberty to choose) a Committee to be empowered to detain Vessels acting contrary to the Resolve of Congress, &c.

Read, and committed to Mr˙ Sullivan, Major Sewall, and Colonel Thompson.

The Committee on the Petitions from Edgartown and Chilmark reported. The Report was recommitted.

The Committee on the Petition of David Foster reported. The Report was recommitted for amendment.