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Petition, Remonstrance and Address of the Town of Pittsfield


Tuesday, February 6, 1776.

On the Petition of the Selectmen of the Town of Spencer, for Provisions supplied a Company of Minute-Men of said town, who marched, on the 19th of April last, in defence of the country, which they procured of Mr˙ Jeremiah Whittemore:

Resolved, That there be paid therefor, to Deacon Oliver Watson, the sum of six Pounds eight Shillings and three Pence, for the use of said Whittemore.

On a motion, Ordered, That a Messenger go to the honourable Board, desiring them to pass on all publick matters as soon as possible, that the Court might have a recess this week.

The Committee on the Petition of Caleb Hyde reported. Read, and accepted:

Resolved, That there be paid out of the publick Treasury to the said Caleb Hyde, and others mentioned in said Petition, at the same rates as were allowed to the Minute-Men who marched on the 19th of April last, for billeting and wages, they preparing and presenting Muster-Rolls to the Committee for examination, in the same manner as is ordered for the services of Minute-Men.

The House, agreeable to the Order of the Day, considered the Report of a Committee relative to the Poor of Boston and Charlestown.

Ordered, That the further consideration therof be referred to the first Tuesday of the next session.

A Petition, Remonstrance, and Address, of the Town of Pittsfield, relative to the present form of Government in this Colony, and praying that the Court would issue orders for the election of a Governour and Lieutenant-Governour; that every Town may have the privilege of nominating Justices of the Peace, and every County its Judges, as well as the soldiers of every Company of Militia their Officers; and that no person may, at present, be allowed to sue for private debts, &c. Read, and ordered to lie.

The House made choice of Field-Officers for the Eighth Regiment of Militia, in the County of Essex.

Joseph Palmer, Esquire, brought down the Report of the Committee on the conduct of Colonel Cargill. Read, and recommitted, and Mr˙ Caldwell is appointed on said Committee, in the room of Colonel Freeman, absent.

On a motion, Ordered, That Colonel Bowers, Colonel Lowell, and Colonel Godfry, be a Committee to bring in a Resolve for building ten Sloops, for Privateers.


The House passed several Resolves for the payment of


the following sums to Captain Samuel Epes, for the use of the persons hereafter mentioned, in full for their several Accounts for losses of guns, &c˙, at battle, on the 19th of April last viz:

For Jonathan Tarbell, £2 11
For Henry Jacobs, 3 8
For Heirs of Benjamin Deland, Jr˙; deceased, 2 14
For Samuel Cook, 2 12
For Thomas Gardner, 1 4
For Nathaniel Goldthwait, 2 0

Eldad Taylor, Esq˙, brought down the Report of the Committee of both Houses, appointed to view the Harbour of Dartmouth, read January 29th, viz:

That said Harbour is very convenient for all vessels from the West-Indies and the Southern Colonies, to retreat 10 in time of danger, and is the only one for a great extent of sea-coast, which can be secured in such a manner as to serve for that purpose. We, therefore, think it will be advantageous to the publick to fortify and secure the same, which we apprehend may be done by stationing at that place a company of seventy-five men, including officers, some of whom to be of the train, and supplying them with ten pieces of cannon, viz: four nine-pounders and six six-pounders, wilh a requisite quantity of powder and ball.

All which is humbly submitted.

In Council, February 6, 1776: Read, and sent down.

Read, and accepted.

The House passed several Resolves for the payment of Accounts for losses at Bunker-Hill, on the 17th of June last, and at the battle of Lexington on the 19th of April last.

To Elisha March, the sum of £3 4 0
To John Hemanuay, 2 6 0
To Reuben Carlton, Administrator on the Estate of Ebenezer Derrick, who was killed in battle, 6 16 0
To John Jones, the sum of 1 4 0
To the Heirs, or Master of David Robbins, who was killed, 2 12 0
To Robert Phelps, wounded, 2 0 0
To Israel Willard, 2 0 0
To Joseph Wilder, 1 0 0
To Nathaniel Cleaves, 2 12 0

The House made choice of the following Officers for the Company to be stationed at Pemaquid, in the County of Lincoln, &c˙, viz: Caleb Turner, Captain; George Rogers, First Lieutenant; Thomas Thompson, Second Lieutenant; Robert Giving, Commissary.

The House also made choice of the following Officers for the Company to be stationed at St˙ Georges, in said County, viz: Benjamin Plummer, Captain; Joseph Robinson, First Lieutenant; James Thompson, Second Lieutenant; James Minot, Commissary.

And Thomas Rice, Esq˙, Mustermaster for the three Companies to be stationed in the County aforesaid.

The Committee appointed to bring in a Resolve for building ten Armed Sloops, reported. Read, and accepted.

Resolved, That there be built, at the publick expense of this Colony, for the defence of American liberty, ten Sloops-of-War, of one hundred and ten tons, or fifteen tons each, suitable to carry from fourteen to sixteen carriage-guns, (six and four-pounders,) and that Captain Batchelder, Colonel Bowers, and Mr˙ Durfee, be a Committee, with such as the honourable Board shall join, to provide materials, and employ proper persons to build said vessels, as soon as may be, for the purpose above said; and that the sum of ten thousand Pounds be delivered to the said Committee, to enable them to proceed in building, rigging, and finishing said Vessels, as soon as possible, and that each one of the Committee be accountable to the General Court of this Colony, when thereunto called by the said Court, for the money he shall receive.

The House then adjourned till ten o' clock, to-morrow morning.