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The Board


The Board, taking into consideration the absolute necessity of procuring a number of heavy Cannon as soon as possible, it was, upon motion made,

Resolved, That Messrs˙ George Clymer, James Mease, Samuel Howell, Owen Biddle, Anthony Wayne, and John Cadwallader, be a Committee with full powers to complete an agreement with Mr˙ Samuel Polls and Mr˙ Bustead, for casting a number of heavy Cannon, and that these gentlemen be requested to take Mr˙ Rittenhouse, wish them to Mr˙ Potts' s works, or to take any other measures for effecting this purpose which they may think proper.


Upon motion, Ordered, That Mr˙ Rittenhouse, Captain White, Mr˙ Luke Morris, Mr˙ Peter Reeve, and Mr˙ Oswald, Eve, or any three of them, be requested to make a survey of the River Delaware, from Marcus Hook to this City, with the several shoals, bars, and depth of water, with descriptions of the shores and elevation of the banks, and make return of the same to this Board.

Resolved, That the Captains of the Armed Boats be informed that they are to send their sick people to the Pest-House, on Province-Island, where there are Beds provided for their reception, an agreement made with the Overseer of the House to furnish them with Provisions, Firewood, proper Drink, and to wash for them, and that Dr˙ Rush and Dr˙ Duffield will attend there in rotation.