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Report from the Members deputed, in behalf of this Province


Thursday, December 8, 1774. — A quorum met.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Parker and Mr˙ Pearson wait on the Governour, and acquaint him that a House being met, pursuant to their adjournment, they are ready to receive any business he may be pleased to lay before them.

The Members appointed to wait on the Governour with the Message of the House, reported they had delivered the same, according to order, and that his Honour was pleased to say he had no business at present to lay before them, but if any should occur during their sitting, he would communicate it by a Message.

The Members deputed, in behalf of this Province, to attend the General Congress, held at the City of Philadelphia, in September and October last, presented to the Chair a printed Journal of the Resolutions and Proceedings of the said Congress, together with a Report, in writing, which latter was read by order, and follows in these words, viz:

"We, the Committee appointed on the part of this Province, by the late and present House of Representatives, to attend the Congress of Deputies from the several Colonies, beg leave to report the performance of that service, as contained in a Journal of the Congress, herewith delivered, which we humbly submit to the consideration of the House.


"Philadelphia, December 8, 1774."

Ordered, That the reading and consideration of the Journal of the Proceedings of the General Congress be referred till to-morrow.