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On the Petition of Jacob Barker and others, of Nova-Scotia


Resolve on the Petition of JACOB BARKER, and others, of NOVA SCOTIA; passed JUNE 26, 1776.

Resolved, That the Commissary-General be, and he hereby is, directed to deliver one barrel, of Gunpowder, three hundred and fifty Flints, and two hundred and fifty weight of Lead, from the Colony stores, to Asa Perly and Asa Kimball, or their order, Agents of the Committee appointed by the inhabitants of the County of Sunbury, for


the use of their constituents; and that they, the said Perly and Kimball, be accountable to this Court for the same; and that the said Agents have liberty to purchase from such of the inhabitants of this Colony as shall be willing to part with the same, forty stand of Small Arms, for the use of their constituents; and that the Committees of Correspondence, &c˙, in any of the seaports within this Colony, are directed to grant permits to the said Agents, to transport the same, or any other goods or merchandise that may legally be transported from port to port within this Colony.