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Dec. 20


In Committee of Arrangement, Fishkill, December 20th, 1776.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Josiah Bagley be, and he is hereby, appointed an Ensign in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Gansevoort.

Mr˙ Gansevoort recommends Silas Grey as a good officer and is worthy the notice of the Committee; that Colonel Gansevoort would be happy in having him appointed a Second Lieutenant in his Battalion.

Memorandum. — John Houston, now the 5th Captain in Colonel Gansevoort' s, was a Second Lieutenant last year. Jonathan Pearcy, now First Lieutenant in First Company of said Regiment, was a First Lieutenant last year, and returned from Canada in June last.

Agreeable to the proposal sent to Captain Rosecrans, of his choosing whether he should go into Colonel Duboise' s or Livingston' s Regiment, he has chosen the former.

Resolved, That he continue in Colonel Dubois' s Regiment.

Resolved, That Henry Swartwout, Edward Weaver, John McClaughrey, Jacobus Sleght, Henry J˙ Vanderberg, Nathaniel Birdsall, and Thomas Lewis, be, and they are hereby appointed. Ensigns in the regiment commanded by Colonel Dubois.