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Letter to the Provincial Congress


In Communittee of Safety, Cambridge, June 9, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: Colonel Paul Dudley Sergeant, late of New-Hampshire, having applied to this Committee for directions respecting four Companies enlisted under him in the service of this Colony, we beg leave to state the facts to your Honours.

From the exigences of the times, on the 25th of April last past Colonel Sergeant received encouragement from this Committee to command a Regiment, and received beating orders for the raising the same, on the following conditions, viz: Should he fill said Regiment, and the Province of New-Hampshire aforesaid would not take him, with his Regiment, into their service, in that case he should be established in the service of the Colony of the Massachusetts.

It appears to this Committee, by the account Colonel Sergeant has given them, that he has only four Companies at Head-Quarters, and that some more are enlisted and in Hampshire; he therefore desires he may be directed whether to hold or discharge said men. This Committee


apprehend, should said four Companies be discharged from the service of this Colony, they would immediately enter the service of New-Hampshire, and as we conceive the Army of thirteen thousand six hundred men will be complete without said four Companies, are of opinion it would be prudent said Companies be dismissed from the service of this Colony. The whole of this matter we submit to your Honours; you will act thereon as to you in your wisdom shall seem meet.

We are, with great respect, your most humble servants,


The Honourable the Provincial Congress at Watertown.