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New-Hampshire to the Honourable Congress of the United Colonies of North America


Colony of NEW-HAMPSHIRE to the Honourable. Congress of the UNITED COLONIES of NORTH AMERICA.

The Council and Assembly of said Colony of New-HAMPSHIRE, humbly shew:

That, by reason of the vicinity of the port of Boston (the general rendezvous of our enemies) to this Colony, and their men-of-war often hovering around our harbour, have been, ever since the destruction of Falmouth, kept in continual alarms, which hath occasioned a prodigious expense in erecting fortifications, and keeping a large body of men in pay to guard our sea-coast and Metropolis, (some part of the time upwards of fourteen hundred;) being sensible our enemies have a particular view in getting possession of our harbour, as it is very commodious for their shipping, and, if once in their possession, will prove of the greatest consequence to them in annoying the Eastern country; and this Colony ever dependant on the more Southern ones for a considerable part of their bread, and in shipping off lumber to raise money to pay therefor, are now very much distressed: Wherefore, as you have been pleased to order several battalions to defend our sister Colonies, we humbly pray you would direct so many men to be raised for our defence as you, in your wisdom, shall see fit. And we shall ever pray, &c.

By order of the Council and Assembly:

MESHECH WEARE, President of the Council.

Exeter, February 8, 1776.