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Orders given to man and list for immediate service the three Row-Galleys now nearly ready


Friday Evening, May 31, 1770.

At a meeting of the Governour and Council of Safety at Hartford:

Present: His Honour the Governour, Honourable Deputy Governour Griswold, Eliphalet Dyar, Jabez Huntington, William Williams, Richard Law, Jedediah Elderkin, Benjamin Huntington, Thomas Hosmer, W˙ Hillhouse, Esqs.

Moved, by His Honour, That proper measures be taken to man and list our three Row-Galleys, now nearly ready, for immediate service. And the matter was largely discoursed, &c.

And Voted, That Messrs˙ John McCleave, Theodore Stanton, and Jehiel Tinker, who are appointed Captains of them, be notified and desired to attend this Board, at Hartford, on Wednesdaynext, to receive further orders respecting manning, officering, and fitting out said Vessels; and also such moneys as may be necessary to enable them to pursue the proper business of their departments, having first executed bonds to be sent them, with sureties, for the faithful and due performance of their duty as Paymasters, &c. And Mr˙ Huntingtondesired to prepare Letters accordingly.

An Account of Oliver Wells, of Hartford, presented for service seventeen days, with a wagon to transport the baggage of Captain Bigelow' s Company of Matrosses, in Colonel Burral' sRegiment, &c˙, seven days, at seven Shillings, and ten days, at five Shillings, and expenses four Pounds fifteen Shillings and six Pence: total nine Pounds fourteen Shillings and six Pence. And the same is allowed.

And Voted, That an Order be drawn for the same, and is drawn on the back of the Account, and delivered Mr˙ Halsey.