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Companies in the regiment of Artillery commanded by Henry Knox


Company in the Regiment of Artillery in the service of the UNITED STATES, commanded by HENRY KNOX, Esq.

Colonel, — Knox. Lieutenant-Colonel, — Mason.

Capt˙ Lieuts.
First˙ Lieuts˙
Second Lieuts.
Crafts Treadwell Symonds Dane Machin.
  Sargent. Pachard. Preston. Blake.
Burbeck. Rumsey. King. Niles.  
Dana. Seward.   Savage. Thomas.
Morton.   Briant. Lillie. Parker.
Perkins. Allen. Treat. Loring. Pierce.
  Frothington.   Brown. Carnes.
      Chandler. Freeman.
Bawman.   Fleming. Swartswout. Reed.
Hamilton. Moore. Gilliland.   Thompson.
    Burbeck.   Howard.
  Wool.     Fenno.
  Randall.     Geno.
  Briant.     Sutton.

Chaplain, — Leonard. Adjutant, — Shaw. Quartermaster, — Treat. Surgeon, — (Vacant.) Mate, — Van Waggener.

Sick, present: Captains Newell and Drury, First Lieutenant Slewman, Ensign Steel.
Sick, absent, wounded: Major Crane, Captain Pierce, First Lieutenant Stevens.
Sick, absent without leave: Captain Foster, Captain-Lieutenant Crane.
Captain Crafts, Captain-Lieutenants Treadwell and Bryant, Lieutenants Dane and Fleming, on command on the Heights beyond King' s Bridge.


Captain Dana and Lieutenant Thomas on command at Bergen.
Captain-Lieutenant Seward, Lieutenants Sutton and Mackin on command at Fort Montgomery.
Captain-Lieutenant Allen, Lieutenants Price, Burbeck, Symonds, and Parker on command in General Greene' s Division.

HENRY KNOX, Colonel, Artillery.