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Amelia County (Virginia) Committee



At a meeting of the Committee of Amelia County, at the Court-House, on Monday, September 11, 1775:

Resolved, That the most cordial thanks of the Inhabitants of this County are due to John Tabb and John Winn, Esquires, for their disinterested and unwearied attention to the preservation of the just rights and liberties of the people of this Country, by assisting at the General Conventions that have been held in the Colony, and that at their own private expense, although they have been repeatedly offered the cheerful contributions of their constituents for bearing the expenses of their attendance; and that all the Members of this Committee accordingly wait on the above gentlemen with the thanks of the County in general.

This Committee have never entertained the least doubt but that the interiour Counties of this Colony would all of them most cordially, in case the lower Counties, and those exposed to the danger of an invasion, should be attacked by the Ministerial plunderers who are now doing every thing in their power to distress and oppress his Majesty' s faithful subjects on this Continent, give them every assistance and protection in their power, and have therefore hitherto taken it for granted, that, as their humanity and their sincere affection for all their fellow-subjects engaged in the glorious struggle for our dearest rights, could not be questioned, formal invitations would be needless; but as several of the upper Counties have lately published their sentiments on this subject, we think it proper to declare that we will not be behind them in acts of humanity


and brotherly affection; and therefore we do hereby, for ourselves and our constituents, most heartily assure our friends and countrymen of the lower Counties, that when the day of distress may come upon them, and they find it necessary to quit their habitations, that we will then receive them with the utmost cordiality, and that we will afford to as many of their families as we possibly can, every comfort and protection which it may be in our power to give.

Resolved, That these Proceedings be published in the Virginia Gazette.