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Resolutions of the Committee for Westchester County, in New-York, directing the arrest of the enemies to America who are daily travelling through the country in disguise



In Committee for the County ofWestchester, at theWhite Plains, the 11th ofJune, 1776:

As many enemies toAmerica are daily travelling through this country in disguise, and under divers pretences, though in reality for the purpose of aiding the Ministerial Troops when they shall arrive in this Colony, and counteracting the salutary measures formed for our common preservation, this Committee find themselves under the disagreeable necessity of taking measures for the publick safety, which they conceive only to be justified by the conduct of such ingrates who occasion it. And, therefore,

Resolved, 1st. That the several members of this Committee, and of the sub-Committees within the County, and commissioned Militia Officers, be, and hereby are, empowered and required to examine all and every transient person, and others who have not certificates of their being friends toAmerica from one or more of the members of the County or sub-Committee of the place where they usually reside, or one of the Field-Officers of the Regiment to which they belong. And if any such person shall refuse to render a satisfactory account of himself to the said Committee-man or Militia Officer, and he shall be convinced that he is an enemy to his country, he shall be detained or committed at his own expense, until the sub-Committee or Committee-men of the District can be called; and if the sub-Committee or Committee-men of the District are of opinion that, such person is an enemy to his country, they are hereby authorized to send him back to his place of residence, or confine him in jail, at his own expense, at the election of the said Committee-men.

2d. That no boatmen, ferrymen, or others, within this County, who are possessed of boats, pettiaugers, or small crafts, or other persons whatsoever, do presume, under penalty of being treated as enemies to their country, to transport or carry any passengers from this County, by water or land, toNew-York,Long-Island,New-Jersey, orOrange County, or from either of those Counties to this, without their having certificates from one or more of this Committee,


or of the Committee of the County or District in which they reside, that they are friends to the liberties ofAmerica.

3d. That the above Resolutions be signed by the Deputy Chairman, and published in all the newspapers of this Colony.