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Letter from General Gates to General Schuyler


Head-Quarters, October 7, 1776.

(Parole, Montreal .)

(Countersign, Carroll .)

The commanding officers of regiments are immediately to order all the spades and shovels now in use in their respective encampments, to be collected forthwith by the Quartermasters. Such Quartermasters whose regiments are upon the Ticonderoga side of the Lake are to see the spades and shovels lodged at Head-Quarters, and those upon Mount Independence are to deliver theirs at the head of Colonel Patterson' s regiment.

As the publick works are greatly in want of these tools, the General desires the commanding officers of regiments will command a strict obedience to this order.

The following promotions are ordered to take place, viz: in Colonel Patterson' s Regiment:

Ensign David Johnson, Second Lieutenant, vice Lieutenant Jackson, discharged.

Sergeant-Major William Chincy, Ensign, vice Ensign Johnson, advanced.

Field officer of the day for Ticonderoga, Lieutenant-Colonel Benjamin Brown . Brigade-Major, Ryan .

Field officer for Mount Independence, Lieutenant-Colonel Conner . Brigade-Major, Howel .