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July 3


Head-Quarters, New-York, July 3, 1776.

(Parole, Brunswick.) (Countersign, Princeton.)

The Director-General of the Hospital having laid before the General a plan of conduct for the Surgeons and Mates of the Regiments, by which, in case of action, they will do their duty with greater ease and benefit to the service, and the General much approving thereof, they are to attend the Director-General, and each take a copy of said plan, to which they are strictly to conform. The Adjutants of the several Regiments to make this order particularly known to each Sugeon and Mate without delay.

A working party to-morrow, consisting of eight hundred men, properly officered, from Generals Heath' s, Spencer' s, Lord Stirling' s, and Scott' s Brigades: Spencer' s at Bayard' s Hill Plain and Jones' s Hill — Captain Chapman to direct them; the others to apply at the Engineer' s Store for tools and directions, (at the west end of the Barrack,) Scott' s Brigade in particular, not to depart the store until they have a director, as it will relieve the Engineer from much intricateness; they being unacquainted, did not find the place destined for them yesterday, by which means the works at the Bomb-Battery were entirely omitted.

After Orders. — That the several Brigades and Troops be at their alarm posts every morning at daybreak, as ordered this morning, and hold themselves in constant readiness, in case of an alarm.