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(General Washington) to the General Court of Massachussets-Bay



Cambridge, January 31, 1776.

SIR: Mr˙ Glover called upon the General this day, informing him that the Legislative power of this Province were about making some alterations or amendment in the act relative to captures made by armed vessels, fitted out of this Colony, so as to make that act conformable to the resolutions of Congress. He also mentioned that some difficulties may arise after condemnation, respecting the sale of prizes made by the Continental vessels, as it seems the Deputy Sheriff is ordered to take charge of, and sell the prizes made by vessels fitted out by individuals, or otherwise. That will certainly militate with the agreement entered into by his Excellency with the agents appointed by him, who are to have a certain commission and no more, for transacting that business. Now, sir, I am ordered by the General to lay the matter before you, requesting that no future impediments may arise, after condemnation of these vessels, to interrupt the sale of them and cargoes. A clause, in this particular, enacting that all vessels, taken by the cruisers fitted out at the Continental expense, shall


be given up to the agents appointed for negotiating that business, immediately after condemnation, will answer every purpose of this application to you.

I have the honour to enclose you a resolve of Congress, empowering the Paymaster-General of this Army to draw bills on the President, with an extract from his letter to his Excellency on the same subject.

I am, sir, your most humble servant,

To the Honourable James Warren, Esq˙, Speaker, &c.