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New-Jersey Congress to Continental Congress



[Read October 23, 1775.]

In Provincial Congress, Trenton, October 21, 1775.

SIR: Since the resolution of the Continental Congress, for raising two Battalions in this Colony, were communicated to us, great numbers of gentlemen have applied for commissions or warrants to recruit; but this Congress, expecting hourly to hear from you on the subject of appointing the Field-Officers, have as yet forbore either to grant commissions or issue warrants, and therefore are very anxious to have your resolution on the subject of our letter of the 13th instant.

This Congress desire me to assure you, that from every appearance the Battalions will speedily be completed, if your honourable House shall think proper to comply with the purport of our letter of the 13th instant.

To expedite this important service, I am directed to request the favour of you, Sir, to transmit to us the resolutions of the Continental Congress, by the bearer, Thomas Potts, Esq˙, one of our members.

By order of the Congress: Your most humble servant, SAMUEL TUCKER, President.

Honourable John Hancock, Esq.

P˙ S. If the Continental Congress have yet considered the subject of our letter of the 14th instant, we likewise request an answer thereto by Mr˙ Potts.