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Advertisement of the General Hospital, at New-York, for Nurses


General Hospital, at New York, July 29, 1776.

Wanted immediately in the General Hospital, a number of women, who can be recommended for their honesty, to act in the capacity of Nurses; and a number of faithful men for the same purpose. Any who incline entering the service in this way, will meet with good encouragement, by making application to the Quartermaster of the Hospital at King' s College, New York. Wanted also for the use of said Hospital a large quantity of dry herbs, for baths, fomentations, &c˙, &c˙, &c˙, particularly balm, hyssop, wormwood, and mallows, for which a good price will be given; and also old linen for the use of the sick and wounded soldiery. The good people of the neighbouring towns, and even those who live more remote from this city, by carefully collecting and curing quantities of useful herbs, will greatly promote the good of the Army, and considerably benefit themselves. From principles of benevolence and humanity, it is presumed that many will attend to this matter, (which is really of consequence,) and cheerfully contribute to the relief of their sick and wounded brethren, though from any pecuniary consideration they might neglect, as having the appearance of small importance. Those who have already collected any considerable


parcel of herbs or rags, may find a ready sale, by applying at the above-mentioned place to
Steward and Quartermaster to the General Hospital.