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July 1, Captains for the four Companies of Germans, to be raised in this Province, will be appointed on Friday, the 5th instant, and Lieutenants and Ensigns, on Friday, the 12th


Captain Loxly is requested to view the Furnace and other works belonging to Morgan Bustead, and report to this Board his opinion of their fitness to cast Brass Cannon.

By order of the Board Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver to Captain Nathaniel Falconer, for account of Congress, twelve Cutlasses and twenty-eight pounds of Musket Ball.

By order of the Board Robert Towers was directed to deliver Mr˙ Moulder four pieces of Russia Sheeting, for Awnings for the Shallops, for accommodating the Fire-Raftmen.

Resolved, That two quarter-casks of Gunpowder be issued to each Battalion of Musketeers of Associators in the City of Philadelphia, and the Counties of Chester, Philadelphia, and Rucks, for the purpose of firing in the exercises of their Battalions, the better to qualify them for actual service; and that it be recommended to the Commanding Officers of said Battalions to direct very small Cartridges to be made up, about eighty to the pound.

By order of the Board an Order was drawn on John Nixon, Esq˙, and others, the Committee of Accounts, in favour of Mr˙ John Williams; for £100, towards the payment of a Gondola he is building. The Committee, taking into consideration the Resolution of Congress for raising a Battalion of Germans, and being of opinion that the publick service requires that it be carried into execution without any delay, and the Recruiting service be entered on as soon as possible:

Resolved, That this Board will, on Friday; the 5th inst˙, appoint Captains, and on Friday, the 12th instant, Lieutenants and Ensigns, for the four Companies of Germans directed to be raised in this Province by order of Congress; and that it is the opinion of this Board that, consistent with the Resolve of Congress, no persons but such as are Germans born, or the sons of Germans, should hold any office in said Companies. All such gentlemen who fall under the above descriptions, and are desirous to enter into the service, are requested to send in their applications as early as may be.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Towers be directed to deliver to the Orders of the Committees of the Counties of Philadelphia, Bucks, and Chester, two quarter-casks of Powder for each Battalion of Musketeers of Associators in said Counties, for the purposes as mentioned in a Resolve of this day.

Resolved, That the Commanding-Officer of Colonel Alice' s Battalion, at the Barracks in this City, be desired to appoint a Lieutenant to escort Lieutenants Bogan and Ball, now at Germantown, to Yorktown, and that he attend to this Board to-morrow morning, at ten o' clock, for his instructions.