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Mr. Francis Johnson


Resolved, That Mr˙ Francis Johnson be appointed to pay the Pilots that may bring up any vessels to Chester, that may choose to receive it of him, and that he be furnished by the Committee of Accounts with fifty Pounds for that purpose; he is also to receive from the Pilots he pays the orders on the owners of the ships, endorsed payable to this Board.

Resolved, That John Christie be appointed Second Lieutenant of the Armed Boat Dickinson.

Captain Hastings was this day discharged of his parole, and leave given him to depart this Province.

The Sub-Committee appointed to take into consideration the expense of building and equipping a Ship-of-War, for the river service, capable of mounting twenty eighteen Pounders, exclusive of Guns, and the necessary Ammunition, Seamen' s Wages, and Provisions, report, as their opinion, that it will require the sum of nine thousand Pounds.

Resolved, That Colonel Roberdeau inform the Jailer of this City, that it is the order of this Board, that he permit the friends of Mr˙ Snowden and Mr˙ Carter, now prisoners by order of this Board, to visit them during their confinement; and that he acquaint the said prisoners, that this Board will discharge them from their confinement, on their giving security, in the sum of one hundred Pounds each, for their future good behaviour.