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Memorial of Garret Roorback to Gen. Washington: On the complaints against him, as Barrackmaster in New-York


To His Excellency GEORGE WASHINGTON,Esq˙, Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Forces:

The Memorial of GARRET ROORBACK,of the City of NEW-YORK,humbly showeth:

That on the 18th day ofJanuary last, your Memorialist was appointed by the Committee of Safety in the City ofNew-York to the office of Barrackmaster, for the said City and County.

That he has acted in that capacity ever since, in subordination to the Barrackmaster-General; and flattered himself that he had fully discharged the duty of his office, and given general satisfaction.

That your Memorialist, however, has been so unhappy as to find that complaints respecting his conduct have been made to ColonelMoylan, the present Quartermaster-General, who has forbid him to act any longer as Barrackmaster as aforesaid.

That your Memorialist has not been informed of the particulars of the charge against him, and is apprehensive that some evil-minded person or persons, who are not friendly to the cause ofAmerican freedom, and who are enemies to your Memorialist, are the authors of this charge, with a view to deprive him of his office.

That your Memorialist, being conscious that he has executed the duty of his office to the utmost of his ability, is desirous that he may be made acquainted with the nature of the accusation against him, and that some proof may be given to convict him of the same.

Your Memorialist therefore humbly prays that your Excellency will be pleased to order that, before another is appointed in his stead to the office he now enjoys, he may have an opportunity of defending himself against an accusation which he is convinced is ill founded and unjust.


New-York, June 17, 1776.