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Commission Ordered for William Le Craw



To the honourable Council of the MASSACHUSETTS STATE:

The Petition of JOSHUA ORNE, of MARBLEHEAD, humbly showeth:

That your petitioner, in concert with Captain John Selman, of Marblehead, has been at considerable cost and pains to equip an armed schooner called the Necessity, to cruise against the foes of this and the United States of America. Said schooner is burthened about thirty tons; armed with twelve swivel guns and blunderbusses; commanded by William Le Craw; navigated by thirty men; victualled with twelve hundred pounds of bread, twelve hams of beef, and six of pork; to carry two hundred pounds powder. Your petitioner being destitute of a supply of powder for the above vessel, humbly prays your Honours will grant him an order on the Commissary-General for two hundred pounds, he to pay for it, and two hundred grape-shot from the Laboratory, at Boston, as there are none to be had at the forges for want of rain; and also a commission for the above-named Le Craw. And your petitioner, as in duty bound, will ever pray, &c.


Watertown, October 1, 1776.

In Council, October 1, 1776.

Read, and Ordered, That the prayer of the Petition be granted, and that a Commission be issued out to the said William Le Craw, as commander of said Schooner, upon his complying with resolves of Congress; and that the Commissary-General be directed to deliver Mr˙ Joshua Orne, two hundred pounds Gunpowder out of the Powder-Mill at Andover, and two hundred pounds Grape-shot out of the Laboratory at Boston, for the use of said Schooner; he paying six. shillings per pound for Powder, and for the Shot the customary price to the said Commissary, who is to be accountable for the same.

JOHN AVERY, Deputy Secretary.