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March 19


The Committee appointed to lay Captain Eliphalet Ladd under proper restrictions, &,c˙, made the following Report, viz:

Provided this honourable Court think it advisable to give Captain Ladd permission to prosecute a voyage to the West-Indies, in a private capacity, we are of opinion that it is absolutely necessary he should be laid under the following restrictions, viz:

1st. That he shall exert himself, to the utmost of his power, to procure powder, arms, saltpetre, sulphur, and Germansteel.

2d. That he shall proceed to no other ports but those that are foreign, beginning at St˙ Lucia and ending at Hispaniola.

3d. If he will agree to comply with the first request, he may be permitted to load on board such produce as is not forbid by the Continental Congress, giving this Court, or a Committee appointed by them, sufficient bonds for his performing the abovesaid voyage.

4th. That he shall not be permitted to purchase, with the nett proceeds of his cargo, any of the produce of the West-Indies, if powder, arms, saltpetre, sulphur, and steel, can be had at any of the ports aforesaid; but if at the first, second, or third Island, he cannot sell his cargo, and those articles can be had there, and at no other place, he must proceed from the Island he may sell at, after he has received his cash, and purchase the same; he must leave no stone unturned to accomplish this end, and when performed, he must proceed home here, and give the refusal of the same to this Colony.


Which Report being read and considered,

Voted, That the same be received; and that Captain Long, Mr˙ Rollins, and Mr˙ Cutts, be a Committee of this House, to join a Committee of the honourable Board, to take proper security of Captain Eliphalet Ladd, for his proceeding on the voyage mentioned in the above Report, under the several restrictions therein mentioned.