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Governour' s Speech to both Houses


This day his EXCELLENCY was pleased to make the following Speech to both Houses:

Gentlemen of the COUNCIL, and Gentlemen of the GENERAL ASSEMBLY:

His Majesty having been pleased to appoint me Governour and Captain General of his Province of the Massachusetts Bay, and my commissions having been read and published, I have met you for the election of Counsellors for the ensuing year; on which business you have been convened agreeable to your Charter, and as that work is finished, you will proceed as you shall judge fit to the consideration of such other matters as may properly come before you, and that you judge ought to be entered upon previous to the first of next month. And you will be


assured that I shall with pleasure concur with you to the utmost of my power in all matters that tend to the welfare and prosperity of the Province. I make mention of the first of next month, because I have the King' s particular commands for holding the General Court at Salem from that day, until his Majesty shall have signified his royal will and pleasure for holding it again at Boston.

The honour of my appointment to the command of this Government being so lately conferred, and the time since I took it upon me so very short, I have not at present any matter to lay before you, farther than to acquaint you, that the Provincial Treasurer having informed me that sufficient provision is made for the redemption of the Government securities that are now, and will become due in June, 1775, you will have no other burden upon you but to supply the Treasury for the support of Government for the ensuing year.


Council Chamber, May 26, 1774.