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Letter from General Putnam to General Schuyler



Head-Quarters, New-York, June 1, 1776.

DEAR GENERAL: General Washington not being here, I sent forward a number of cannon, two tons of powder, intrenching tools, pork, &c˙, agreeable to your desire in your last letter. Your express this moment arrived. I shall forward the letters on immediately to the General, who is yet at Philadelphia with the Congress. Depend, sir, nothing shall be wanting in my power to forward and assist the troops gone to Canada this campaign. Powder and lead we shall soon forward on. The little I sent you on with the guns, &c˙, I hope is safe to hand before this. Provisions will be forwarded on as you could wish, and I doubt not Congress will immediately order on a reinforcement of men, which it is not in my power to do. I beg you will write for every article you want as soon as possible, and it shall immediately be sent on.

It is with pain I hear of Colonel Bedel and the brave Major Sherburne' s defeat at the Cedars. For God' s sake, if possible, forward on relief to the Caughnawagas immediately, or I fear we shall lose them all. I know them to be a very brave nation, and think it of importance they should be secured to our interest. Five ships, supposed to be men-of-war, have just arrived at the Hook, and I trust we are ready for them, come as soon as they will.

I am, in the greatest haste, dear sir, your most humble servant,

To General P˙ Schuyler.

P˙ S˙ Colonel Knox tells me there is plenty of cannon for ships at Crown-Point.