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Petition of Elisha Cobb


Petition of Elisha Cobb humbly sheweth: That, on the 7th inst˙, Thomas Sparks, in a schooner belonging to John Webb, of Boston, came into Wellfleet-Bay, with orders from Admiral Graves to catch fish and purchase fresh provisions for said Graves' s family. Being informed that said Sparks, the trip before, had carried off some poultry and sauce, and being apprehensive that further mischief might ensue from said Sparks being at liberty to pursue his orders, I ordered Captain Joseph Smith, of the troops raised for the defense of the sea-coast, to bring said schooner into harbour, which he did. I then ordered said schooner to be hauled up, and her sails unbent, where she now is. The same day, sent said Sparks, with his order and other papers, to Colonel Joseph Otis, of Barnstable, for further orders; and also his crew, viz: a white lad named Richard Caswell, belonging to Boston, and a negro man named Francis, belonging to Thomas Talbert of Salem. All which is submitted to your Honours' further direction.