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Ulster County (New-York) Committee



Kingston, Ulster County, April 7, 1775.

At a meeting of the inhabitants of the Town of Kingston, in Ulster County, a Committee of Observation was chosen agreeable to, and for the purpose mentioned in the Eleventh Article of the Association of the Continental Congress, held at Philadelphia in September last.

The persons nominated and appointed for said Committee were, Oke Sudam, John Beekman, Johannes Perse, Johannes Sleght, Hendrick Schoonmaker, Christian Fiero, and Egbert Schoonmaker, who at their meeting the 6th instant, chose Johannes Sleght for Chairman.

Information being then made to said Committee, that the merchants and venders of East-India Tea had entered into an association not to sell any East-India Tea, and that if any person or persons should be guilty of selling or vending any of that commodity, that they should be published in the publick newspapers as enemies to the liberties and privileges of American subjects; which Articles were signed by all the merchants and skippers who were possessed of any East-India Tea, (Mr, Jacobus Low excepted,) who, notwithstanding all the friendly admonitions and entreaties to the contrary, declared he had, and would sell Tea. Upon which information, this Committee resolved to send for Mr˙ Low, thinking that time and mature deliberation, together with their friendly advice, might be able to alter Mr˙ Low' s determination; but all in vain: for he declared he was determined to sell Tea as formerly he had done, and absolutely refused to comply with the Articles agreed to by the other merchants and skippers in said Town.

We, therefore, in faithfulness to the trust reposed in us, and agreeable to the recommendation of the Congress, do publish, and he, the said Jacobus Low, is hereby published as an enemy to the rights and liberties of America, and we do hereby declare, that we will henceforth abstain from (and recommend it to others to abstain from) all kind of connections and commerce with him, until such time as a change in his conduct shall induce us to alter our determination.

Signed by order of the Committee: