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Maryland Council of Safety to Gustavus Scott



[No˙ 19.] Annapolis, February 17, 1776.

SIR: The Council of Safety have stipulated and agreed with a contractor, for supplying the regular forces of this Province with provisions; hut, as some time must be given to provide the several articles which compose a ration, and it cannot reasonably be expected he will be able to furnish them earlier than the tenth of next month, the troops must be subsisted on the seven shillings and six-pence per week, allowed for that purpose, in the instructions for inlisting men.

The Captains of Independent companies, agreeable to a resolve of the last Convention, are to provide houses for their respective companies, and such sums of money are to be advanced out of the Treasury of that Shore where their company may be stationed, by permission of the Council of Safety, as may be necessary for the purpose. Captain Gunby will, therefore, provide houses for his men upon the best terms he can, and advise us thereof, that we may give him an order for the money on the Eastern-Shore Treasurer, if it should be necessary to advance any; but, as it will be expedient, the station of that company should be first ascertained, and, as we are not so well acquainted with your County as to determine satisfactorily to ourselves, and most advantageously to you, upon a particular place where it might reasonably be expected their troops would render the greatest service, so we should be glad if the Committee of Observation would take the matter into consideration, and give us their sentiments upon it; and as, in all probability, we shall approve of the station recommended by them, we would have the Captain engage proper and necessary houses there immediately, as bedding is an extreme scarce article. Where we have had an opportunity, we have desired the Captains of the several companies, to endeavour to furnish their men with new blankets; but, where they were not to be had, with such as could be got in the neighborhood, though a little worn, upon reasonable terms; they were not to exceed fifteen shillings, or the others twelve shillings and six pence. If Captain Gunby' s men are yet unprovided, we would have him adopt that method, as the best, under our circumstances, and will answer his drafts for them.

It is very ambiguous from any thing that appears in the proceedings of the Convention, who are to find fuel for the troops; and, as we conceive, the Captains, respectively, can most advantageously provide that necessary article, so we request Captain Gunby will take the direction of that matter for his company, and occasionally advise us of the expense, that it may be properly defrayed.

We have confidence in your recommendation of Mr˙ James Geoghagen, and, therefore, shall be obliged to him to supply the company with provision, until the contractor (to whose notice we will recommend him) can do it.

We are, &c.

To Gustavus Scott.