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Letter from General Washington to Captain Dennis



Head Quarters, New York, July 13, 1776.

SIR: Mr˙ Duer informs me that there are two or three vessels lying at the dock of Mr˙ Beverly Robinson, in the Highlands. As it is probable the men-of-war which sailed up the river yesterday may have anchored to the northward of these ships, I think it absolutely necessary that an attempt should be made to secure these vessels for future service. I have therefore to desire the favour of you to procure proper persons to bring these vessels down the river, and to anchor them under the fort where General Mifflin commands. It is absolutely necessary that this matter should be conducted with the utmost secrecy and despatch; and as I am of opinion that you possess these requisites, I have thought proper to apply to you for your services in this matter.

I am, sir, &c˙, GO˙ WASHINGTON.

To Captain Dennis.