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Committee to consider the state of the Eastern parts of the Province


Ordered, That Mr˙ Freeman, Doctor Taylor, Deacon Cheever, Doctor Baylies, and Colonel Farley, be a Committee to consider the state of the eastern parts of this Province at large in regard to supplying them with Ammunition, and to sit forthwith.

The Committee made the following Report, which was accepted:

In Provincial Congress, Watertown,

April 26, 1775.

Whereas, representation has been made to this Congress, that several of the Towns in the eastern parts of the Colony are deficient in such supply of ammunition, as is necessary they should, at this day, be furnished with, for the safety and defence of the Colony in general, and that part of it in particular; therefore,

Resolved, That the Committee of Supplies be, and they are hereby directed, forthwith to take some effectual measures to procure such a quantity of Powder and Ball as will appear to them to be necessary for the use of this Colony, under the present alarming situation of our publick affairs; and, in particular, that they immediately send to the Colonies of Connecticut and Rhode-Island for so much Powder as they shall think necessary, and when procured, to deliver so much of it to the order of the Selectmen of such deficient Towns, and in such quantities, as they may think will be proportional to the exigencies of each Town respectively, and to the safety and defence of the Colony in general; such Towns to pay for the supplies which they may receive of said Committee, according to the nett expense of procuring the same.