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Three hundred Pounds, in gold, sent to Canada


Saturday, November 18, 1775.

Ordered the Receiver-General to pay Benjamin Grant, the above-mentioned Express, five Pounds, for his service and expense.

Ordered the Receiver-General to pay Israel Morey, Esquire, three hundred Pounds, lawful money, out of the Gold in the Treasury, to be by him sent to Canada, for the payment of the New-Hampshire Troops under the command of Colonel Bedel.

Wrote General Schuyler on the subject of paying and supplying our Troops in his Army.

Wrote General Montgomery on the same, being a copy of the same sent to General Schuyler.

Gave Colonel Morey orders about sending the Money to Canada.

Committee adjourned to meet at Portsmouth, at Nathaniel Folsom' s, on Monday next, A˙ M.