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To Governour Trumbull



Killingsworth, April 30, 1775.

Nine o' clock, P˙M.

SIR: This moment Captain Caldwell came over to me from Guildford, where I have a vessel loaded for the West-Indies, having all her cargo on board, consisting of forty thousand lumber, twenty-three oxen, and one horse, having on board no provisions but for the use of said vessel, which was cleared at the Custom-House on the twenty-fourth instant, and informed me that the honourable General Assembly have embargoed all vessels bound to the West-Indies with stock and other, provisions. As I have the good of my Country at heart, and pay the greatest regard to the resolves and determinations of the Legislature of this Colony, I would by no means do any thing that should have the remotest appearance of acting counter to their determinations; but your Honour must be sensible the unshipping my cattle and stores must be attended with great loss, as the stock is by no means fit for a present market. I humbly request my said vessel may be permitted to sail, as I had not the least suspicion of an embargo, and have only waited several days for a wind. I would have waited myself on your Honour, but my present indisposition would not permit; and for the purpose of obtaining permission, my son now waits on your Honour, on whose goodness I greatly rely; and am your Honour' s most obedient and most humble servant,