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Quartermaster-General empowered to impress, in the Counties of Dutchess and Westchester, Horses


Resolved, That the Quartermaster-General of the Continental Army, or his Agents, be empowered to impress in the Counties of Dutchess and Westchester divers Horses, Wagons, Horse-Teams, Ox-Carts, and every other carriage which may be necessary for the use of the Continental Army, paying for the same the usual prices.

Ordered, That a copy of these Resolutions be forthwith transmitted to his Excellency General Washington, and to Brigadier-General Mifflin, Quartermaster-General of the Continental Army.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Gilbert Livingston be one of the Secret Committee directed to be sent down with the utmost despatch to Fort Montgomery with such parts of the Chain as is fixed in the logs, and that Mr˙ Henry Wisner, Jun˙, cooperate with him in carrying this measure into execution in the most safe and expeditious manner possible.