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Letter, Containing the Proposal Referred to, dated September 27


New-York, September 27, 1775.

SIR: About the 1st of July last I sailed from this place, bound to Martinico and Guadaloupe, amongst the French Islands, provided with necessary letters and interest, with the sole intention of procuring a quantity of gunpowder and ammunition for the use of this Colony; but on my arrival at those places, found that the whole that could be procured had been bought up and shipped off in one or two vessels from this place and Philadelphia. During my stay at Martinico, as I was particularly recommended to and connected with George Mitchell, Esq˙, the English agent, a principal merchant there, and interpreter to the Governour; he, in confidence, informed me that several of their merchantmen that had sailed for old France, and were expected to return about the last of October or the first of November, had carried out large orders for powder, and that he expected a large quantity, the most of which would fall under his management and disposal, and proposed to supply me with any quantity ; and previous to my entering into a contract with him, he obtained permission of the Governour for my vessel to return there and trade without molestation. In consequence of which he engaged to deliver me five tons or upwards, on condition of my return with my vessel-load of flour, about five hundred barrels. I therefore request, as you are a member of the Provincial Congress, if you think proper to lay this matter before them, to submit the importance of it to their consideration; and should they think proper to encourage my completing this contract, and grant me a permission to load for that purpose, you are authorized to assure them an ample security shall be given for the faithful performance of it; that the same shall be put into execution with the greatest despatch, secrecy, and safety, being provided with the completest vessel for that purpose, and every other matter necessary to ensure success. I am, &c.