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Remonstrance of the Inhabitants of Fulham


A Paper signed by the inhabitants of Fulham, dated the 13th December instant,++ setting forth similar objections to the same gentlemen, as Field-Officers of the Militia of that County.

Fulham, December 13, 1775. — HONOURED SIR: We, the inhabitants of Fulham, beg leave to inform you that the late choice of Field-Officers we esteem such an infringement on the rights of the people, and not


[illegible in original manuscript] being the vote of the body of the people, nor yet the vote of the Committee as a body, and several of the men being much suspected of being unfriendly to the liberties of America, and, in particular, John Norton, who is universally known to be in opposition to the plan of liberty, sir, we think the precedent to be bad in having men chosen by individuals; and much more to have men to lead us to the place of action whoso goodness is suspected. We, therefore, in duty to our country, ourselves, and posterity, do humbly pray that those men in nomination may not be in nomination, and may not be recommended for commissions till the sense of the body of the County be known. For why should nine or ten men presume to personate the boy, without any instructions from the body of the people of this County. Sir, we pray that you would not carry the choice, which we esteem so illegal, to New-York, as we have a value for your honour. Sir, we must be plain in our relation to you, and tell you, that unless the inconsistent and impolitick procedings of the last County Convention can be looked into, and redress had for the many infringements which we have received from them, we must send our protest, by way of remonstrance, to New-York, to the Provincial Congress. Sir, we are unwilling to enter on this, but for our future safety must do it; and hope that you, by your timely interposition, will prevent so unhappy a task. Sir, we look upon the whole nomination as illegal, and we must enter our protest against the whole; for there was but nine out of twenty-one, and seven out of that body were in nomination.

Sir, trusting in your goodness, we hope you will give a true representation to our brethren, the honourable Provincial Congress at New-York.

Sir, we remain your most sincere and true friends, the true Sons of Liberty,

Jonathan Knight,
Hosea Miller,
Enoch Cook,
Elias Wilder,
Benjamin Jones,
Samuel Smith,
Samuel Knight, Jr˙,
Nathaniel Frenit,
Aaron Brooks, Jr˙,
Rufus Sergeants,
Parmelas Temple,
Joseph Temple, Jr˙,
Elijah Town,
Aaron Holton,
Ashbel Johnson,
Joseph Covey,
Isaiah Millar,
Samuel Layton,
Joseph Hildreth,
Ebenezer Haven,
Berzille Rice,
Samule Dutton,
Samuel Wilder,
Cornielius Jones,
Richard Kelly,
Lemuel Spaulding,
Joshua Walton,
Benjamin Putnam,
James Hanley,
Samuel Temple,
Abel Houghton,
Elijah Town, Jr˙,
Kohn Butler,
James Nichols,
Daniel Kathan,
Israel Hooker,
Aaron Books,
Daniel Sargeants, Jr˙,
Thomas Clark,
John Hooker,
Benjamin Jones, Jr˙,
Ezra Robinson,
Aaron Jones,
Andrew Graham,
John Wilder,
Joseph Heldreth, Jr˙,
Daniel Gates,
Joseph Temple,
Daniel Temple,
William Boyden,
Thomas Holton,
Shepard Gates,
John Scott,
John Millar,
Ebenezer Brooks,
Daniel Sargeants.

To Mr˙ Paul Spooner, to be communicated to the honourable Provincial Congress, sitting at the City of New-York.