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Maryland Council of Safety to Captain Hindman



[No˙ 28.] Annapolis, February 26, 1776.

SIR: We have received yours of the 25th instant, signifying Mr˙ Edmondson' s refusing to accept of his commission.

The Council do not incline to make any changes among the officers commissioned by the Convention, but wish to have a recommendation from you of a proper person to fill the place of Mr˙ Edmondson. We have agreed with some of the officers to allow twenty shillings for each pair of leather breeches furnished the troops, and the remainder of the price to be deducted out of the men' s wages.

The Council apprehend the Captains of the Independent Companies are to provide clothing for their men, and have agreed to allow Captain J˙ A˙ Thomas a sum not exceeding three pounds five shillings each suit, and hope you will be able to clothe your men at that price. We think the price of the hats ought not to exceed five shillings and six pence each hat, but cheaper, if to be got. As to blankets, they will be provided as soon as possible. If you can purchase osnaburghs for making hunting-shirts at two shillings per yard, we recommend it to you to get so much as will be sufficient for your company, and have them made up as soon as you can. We are, &c.

To Captain James Hindman.