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Bucks County (Pennsylvania) Committee



In Committee, Bucks County, September 11, 1775.

Thomas Smith, appearing before the Committee, voluntarily executed the following acknowledgment and declaration, viz:

"As I have been charged before the Committee for having uttered expressions derogatory to the Continental Congress, invidious to a particular denomination of Christians, and tending to impede the opposition of my countrymen to Ministerial oppression, I do hereby declare myself heartily sorry for my imprudent expressions, and do sincerely promise for the future to coincide with every measure prosecuted for the redress of American grievances; so far as is consistent with the religious principles of the society to which I belong."


Voted, That this be considered as a sufficient satisfaction for his misconduct.

The Members of the Committee are desired to be particular in their attendance at the house of John Bogart, the 9th of October, at ten o' clock in the morning. By order of the Committee:

HENRY WYNKOOP, Clerk of Committee.