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Resolution providing for the more effectual protection of the western frontier against the Indians


Whereas from the Letters received from the Commissioners for Indian Affairs for the Middle Department, with the affidavit therein enclosed, there is too much reason to apprehend that the Indians have been encouraged, by the agents of his Britannick Majesty, to fall on the frontiers of


these States; therefore it behooves this Convention to take every prudent precaution for the safety of our western frontiers: And as, by the resolves of the late Assembly of this State, the Council of Safety have the sole power of calling out the Associators within the same; but, by reason of the great distance of the frontier Counties, and by reason that it may be absolutely necessary, at a very short warning, to order out the Associators of the said Counties, or such part of them, from time to time, as persons on the spot can only judge thereof:

Resolved, That the Member of the Council of Safety for the County of Bedford, and Bernard Dougherty, William M' Coomb, James Anderson, and Robert Elliot, of the said County; that the Member of the Council of Safety for the County of Northampton, and Nicholas Dupui, David Deshler, Herman Schneyder, and Arthur Lattimore, of the said County; and that the Member of the Council of Safety for the County of Northumberland, and William M' Clay, Michael Troy, Walter Clark, and Lavghlin M' Cartney, of the said County; and that the Member of the Council of Safety for the County of Westmoreland, and Samuel Sloane, William Lockray, John Giffen, and Christopher Trubey, of the said County, respectively, or a majority of them in each County respectively, be, and they are hereby empowered to order or approve of the going out of such part of the Associators as they may think necessary, in case of an actual invasion, to march to the protection of such part of the said Counties as may be exposed to the depredations of the Indians, or to repel any attack which may be made by them, in the most effectual manner: And in case of any sudden invasions made by the Indians, and not otherwise, the Captain or Commanding Officer of any Company in the said County, is hereby empowered to order out such part of his Company as he may judge necessary for the purpose aforesaid: And in case any of the said Counties should be invaded, the said Members of the Council of Safety, and Commissioners of the said other Counties respectively, are hereby empowered, as often as they shall judge necessary, to order out the Associators, or a part of them, for the assistance of such County which may be so invaded: And the Member of the Council of Safety and his associates for the respective Counties aforesaid, are hereby directed to make out the accounts of the pay, subsistence, and necessary expenses of such Associators as shall be called out as aforesaid, and lay the same before the Council of Safety or future Assembly of tins State, in order that the same, appearing to them just and reasonable, may be paid.