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Proceedings of the Connecticut Committee of Safety


Thursday, February 1, 1776.

Met again. Present, the same as yesterday, except Colonel Dyer absent.

Voted, In so far compliance with the request of the General Congress, received a few days since, for a ton of Powder, to be sent to Canada, ċ, having very little, ċ, that about seven hundred and twenty-eight pounds Powder be forwarded from this Colony, at the discretion and direction of his Honour the Governour, for the use of the Army in that quarter.

Whereas, it is necessary that the bounty, wages, pay for blankets, knapsacks, provisions, for the march of the Battalion now raising for the reinforcement of the Northern Army, ċ, according to the Proclamation of his Honour the Governour, of the 27th January, 1776, issued in consequence of the Resolve and Order of the honourable Continental Congress, should be paid and advanced; and said Congress having ordered twelve thousand five hundred Dollars to be put into the hands of, and forwarded by the Delegates of this Colony with all expedition, for the use of said Battalion, for the purpose aforesaid, which is expected to arrive soon, but, as it is possible it may not come in season, and the service must not be delayed, it is, therefore,

Resolved and ordered, That the Committee of the Pay-Table draw on the Colony Treasurer for such sum as they shall find necessary, for payment of all the sums ordered to be paid and advanced as by said Proclamation is provided, and by the same may appear, keeping particular and separate accounts of expenditures in this service; and that the aforesaid sum shall be put into the hands of Mr˙ William Lawrence, of Hartford, who is hereby directed and ordered to receive the same, and, as soon as necessary, repair to Canaan, or elsewhere, if it should appear proper, and pay off each officer and soldier of said Battalion such sums as shall be due, and to be advanced and paid to them, respectively, before their march, according to the terms of said Proclamation, and taking proper receipts, or signing, of every person to whom for, and expressive of the sum, and use for which the same is paid; and keeping clear and perfect accounts of his doings in the premises, and to make return of his original doings to his Honour the Governour, and lodge a duplicate thereof with the Committee of the Pay-Table: for which service the said Lawrence is to have twenty-six and two-thirds Dollars per month, and his reasonable expenses borne.

(Two copies given, for Committee of Pay-Table and for said Lawrence.)