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Message from the Lieutenant Governour


Die Veneris, 10 ho˙, A˙ M˙, the 27th January, 1775.

A Message from his Honour the Lieutenant-Governour, by Mr˙ Bayard, Deputy Secretary; and the same being read, is in the words following, viz:

GENTLEMEN: In April last, Joshua Root and Abijah Rood, of the County of Albany, by their Petition to me in Council, prayed relief for the loss of time and expense they have incurred on account of the assistance they had given to an officer of this Government in executing a warrant issued by the Judges of the Supreme Court. For the particulars I refer you to the copies of the Petition and other Papers which I have ordered to be delivered to you. The gentlemen of the Council, at that time, advised me to issue a warrant to the Treasurer of this Colony to pay the Petitioners twenty Pounds, three Shillings, and four Pence, out of the contingent fund, and that I should recommend their case to your consideration. The Petitioners are now again come to this place in hopes of receiving something for their relief, and I doubt not that they will meet with that compensation which is due to those who suffer in supporting the Magistrates and authority of Government.


New-York, January 27, 1775.

Ordered, That the said Message, and the Papers delivered therewith, be referred to the consideration of the Committee to whom his Honour' s Speech is committed.

Resolved, That his Honour' s Speech, and the several matters referred to the Committee thereupon, be taken into further consideration on Tuesday next.