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Pennsylvania Committee of Safety



In Committee of Safety, Philadelphia, July 5, 1776.

Present: George Clymer, Chairman, Joseph Parker, James Biddle, George Gray, John Cadwalader, Owen Biddle, John Nixon, David Rittenhouse.

Resolved, That Mr˙ James Dunlap be employed as Surgeon of the Naval Armament (the ship excepted) and Artillery and superintendence of the Hospital, and that he be allowed 10 per day and three rations.

The Fly armed vessel having arrived at New York with six Cannon for the use of this Province, being a part of the twenty ordered by Congress,

Resolved, That Messrs˙ Levi Hollingsworth and Thomas Richardson be requested to go to New York, and endeavour to convey the said Cannon to this city in the most expeditious manner; that they be authorized to hire carriages for that purpose, either in this city or any other place, as they may judge most proper.

Upon application of Congress for a quantity of Flints for the use of the Army under General Washington, by order of the Board Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver thirty thousand of them; and in order to their being conveyed to New York with the greatest expedition, four chaises were employed for that purpose, two of which set off yesterday evening, and the other two four o' clock this morning, with a request to the different Committees to aid and assist with fresh horses, if found necessary.

Adjourned to five o' clock; when the following Members met: George Clymer, Chairman, Owen Biddle, George Gray, John Nixon, Joseph Parker, David Rittenhouse, John Cadwalader.

By order of the Board, an Order was drawn on Michael Hillegas, Esq˙, in favour of Colonel Samuel Miles, for £1,000, for the use of the Battalion under his command.

Captain Joseph Moulder having exhibited a list of necessaries to equip his military Company for service,

Resolved, That Robert Towers, Commissary, supply such articles of said list as he has in store.

That Captain Moulder procure such articles as the Commissary can' t furnish, on the most reasonable terms, and bring in a bill for cost, for payment.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Palmer and Mr˙ Nicholson be requested to examine and value the Arms collected from the Non-Associators in this city, and make report of such valuation to this Board, and that they be paid a reasonable allowance for their trouble.

Captain Alexander was desired to deliver Robert Towers, Commissary, all the Powder and Arms taken out of the Brig Nancy near Cape May.

As the Militia of this Province is immediately to be called into service, it will be necessary to collect a considerable quantity of old Linen for Bandages and Lint; the Committee therefore most earnestly requests the good women of this City to furnish as much as they can spare. The bearer, —, is empowered to receive the same, and such


charitable ladies as will take the trouble to make Lint and furnish it will merit particular thanks from the publick.

Resolved, That Robert Eastbourne and — be employed to collect the old Linen, &c˙, as mentioned in the above address.

Resolved, That Dr˙ Thomas Bond, jun˙, be requested to procure all the Rags in the Commissary' s store to be made into Bandages and Lint, and this Committee will defray the expense.

It being reported to this Committee that there is at present scarcity of suitable Linen for making Tents to accommodate the Associators who are about to march to the assistance of our brethren of the Colony of New Jersey, and that there is a number of Awnings in this city suitable for that purpose,

Resolved, That the Committee of Inspection and Observation be requested to apply to all such persons who are possessed of the same, to spare them to the publick upon this pressing emergency, allowing them a reasonable price for the same; and it is hoped that no persons will be so lost to all regard to the publick welfare to refuse to spare the same. If any such there be, they are to return their names to this Committee, that a proper estimate may be made of their attachment to their country.