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Barnstable (Massachusetts) Town Meeting



At a Town Meeting, duly notified, to be held at Barnstable, on the fourth day of January, 1775, pursuant to a warrant granted for that purpose, by Joseph Otis, and Daniel Davis, Esqrs˙, being the major part of the Selectmen of said Town, to act on the several matters and things hereafter mentioned, there being a very full assemblage of qualified voters; Edward Bacon, Esq˙, was chosen Moderator by a great majority.

The Town then proceeded to the business, in said warrant specified, and voted on the several articles therein, as follows, viz:

1st Question, Whether the Town will give the Assessors any directions respecting their making the Province Rates, for the present year, and returning a certificate to Harrison Gray, Esquire? Passed in the affirmative; but that the Constables should suspend collecting any monies in consequence of said assessment, until further orders of said Town.

2d Question, Whether the Town would order any sum of money to be paid to Henry Gardner, of Stow, as Receiver General of this Province? Passed in the negative, by a great majority.

3d Question, Whether the Town ,will order the late Constables, who have any monies in their hands collected, or to be collected, on the late Provincial Rate Lists, to pay


the same to Henry Gardner, Esq˙? Passed in the negative.

4th Question, Whether the Town will come into any method to purchase a number of Small Arms for the use of the Town? Passed in the negative.

5th Question, Whether they will order any new supply of Ammunition for said Town' s use? Passed in the negative.

6th Question, Whether the Town will take any method to encourage Minute-Men, agreeable to the recommendation of the Provincial Congress? Passed in the negative.

7th Question, Whether the Town will choose a Committee of Inspection, to see the Association of the Continental Congress carried into execution? Voted that a Committee be appointed for said purpose, so far as it relates to Imports and Exports only.

8th Question, Whether the Town does approve of the Resolves of the County Congress? Voted the same to be referred to the March meeting.

The last Question is said warrant, Whether the Town will choose one or more persons to attend a Provincial Congress, recommended to be held at Cambridge, in February next, and to give them instructions, &c˙, passed in the negative, by a very great majority.

The Moderator then declared the business of the day to be over.