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Letter from William Watson to Colonel Moylan



Plymouth, April 20, 1776.

SIR: In obedience to his Excellency' s commands of the llth ultimo, I would acquaint you that the Norfolk and the Happy-Return, prizes taken by Commodore Manly, and brought into this port, are condemned. If his Excellency will please soon to appoint a day for the sale of these prizes, it may be of service to the publick, as many articles on board them are wanted for the use of the American Navy. The other two taken by Captain Coit, and those two taken by Major Tupper, and carried into Dartmouth, have not yet had their trial; Coit' s by reason of my not having received the papers which were taken with them, and which were sent to Head-Quarters; Tupper' s by reason of his not attending the Court with the papers relating to them. The Court is adjourned to 15th May, by which time I shall endeavour to get every necessary preparation ready, and in the mean time must ask the favour of you to let me know where the papers taken with Coit' s two prizes are lodged, that I may procure them seasonably.

I am, sir, most respectfully, your very humble servant,